Our 18 acre Pick your Own Field is filled with everyone’s favorite vegetables! We allow bushel and ½ bushel quantities and do not charge extra for mixed varieties.


  • All picking must be done in our baskets.
  • Pickers must go into The Country Store to register before picking.
  • Driver’s License or State IDs must be left at The Country Store when registering
  • When finished picking return to The Country Store to pay and bag your pickings
  • All Vehicles will be inspected before check-out
  • All children must be supervised at all times.

As unpredictable as Wisconsin weather is, so is our growing season. Please call The Country Store at (262) 859-2645 to see what is available to be picked before you arrive.

Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm appreciates the opportunity to present our Agriculture operation to you. Remember that farming is our livelihood. Please respect our displays and stay within the designated Areas.




Registration: Call 262-925-8360 or complete Online Form.

  • All birthday parties will be held at the picnic tables near the playground.
  • Time Frame: 2 Hour Maximum for Parties at the picnic tables.
  • There is a $25 nonrefundable deposit required to reserve you party.
  • Cost: $8.00 Per Child
  • Adults are required to supervise children at all times. All garbage must be disposed of in the area you are using; including on the grass/ground. If you need additional garbage bags, please go to the Country Store to ask for one.

Day of Check-In: You must Check In and Pay at the Country Store for your Birthday Party before going to your assigned Party location. You will receive your Hayride tickets, Cookies, and plastic bag for the child’s pie pumpkin which they pick out just before leaving.

Location & Set Up: All parties are located outdoors in the Picnic Area located between the Mini Farm Zoo and the Playground/Giant Jumping Pillow. You will receive 1 picnic table surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped arrangement of hay bales for sitting. Please do not allow children to run on top of the hay bales. You are also welcome to bring your own additional chairs and tables if desired.

We do not have electricity for the heating of any foods, however, you are welcome to bring a Nesco of hot foods or other items to feed your birthday revelers.

Each child will receive:

  • 1 small Pie Pumpkin – child will choose their own
  • A giant freshly baked cookie
  • Popcorn
  • An old-fashioned hay ride
  • Wheel chair accessible (Please call ahead if possible)
  • Time for viewing the Mini Farm Zoo.
  • Visiting the hand painted pumpkin displays and The Western Town
  • The opportunity for free-play on our Playground which is next to the picnic area. You can take a break yet still keep an eye on your child.
  • After your two hour time frame is up; please thoroughly clean up the area (especially the ground) in preparation for the next party.
  • We welcome you to stay at the Pumpkin Farm and explore the farm for as long as you wish.

Additional hayride tickets can be purchased for $4.00. Any children 12 months or younger ride for free on the parents lap.

  • You will be responsible for bringing all of the supplies for your birthday party; cake, drinks, paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic utensils, cake knife, etc., as we do not keep any in supply.
  • We will supply you with a garbage can; if you need additional garbage bags, please go into the Country Store and request one.
  • We do not allow any fires-bonfires, camp fires, or any type or torches.
  • We do not allow any grills – charcoal, gas or electric.


  • Pony Rides- $5.00-weekends only 11 -5 pm (weather permitting)
  • Camel rides – $5.00- middle weekends of October only – 11 -5 pm (weather permitting)
  • Giant Jumping Pumpkin Pillow – $3.00 (Mon – Fri 4-close) (Sat – Sun 10am – close)
  • Haunted Forest-$5.00- (a little scary-best for older kids -not toddlers)
  • Corn Maze-8 acres large-$4.00 (Mon – Fri 4-close) (Sat – Sun 10am – close)(weather permitting)
  • Pumpkins-$3.00 for pie pumpkin and price goes up from there
  • Face Painting -$4.00 per person (Sat – Sun 10am – 6pm)




Planning Tips

Parking: Parking is FREE and is located on the north side of Hwy L in a grassy area as well as limited parking in front of the Warehouse and on the east side of Hwy EA.

Photo Opportunities: Bring your Camera and Video Camera. There are many places and opportunities to take fun and memorable photos but DO NOT enter into the Pumpkin Displays (there are small fence barriers and pumpkins surrounding the display) to take your photos.

Accessibility: Smith’s Pumpkin Farm is located on a real, working produce farm. The parking areas, displays and attractions are on unpaved farm ground – typically grass, crushed gravel or sand. Wheel chairs, strollers and wagons can be brought on premises and are able to be pushed and pulled, but the ground (like any farm) can be bumpy in spots. Our Hayride is wheel chair accessible.

Restrooms & Hand Washing: There are several portable bathrooms with hand washing stations on site at Smith’s Pumpkin Farm.

Pets: Pets are not allowed, with the exception of service dogs.

Smoking: Smith Pumpkin Farm is NON-SMOKING. You will be asked to extinguish any cigarettes or pipes.

Weather: Extreme, unforeseen weather can force us to close down many of the attractions.

Attire: Because we live in Wisconsin and it is October, we recommend being prepared for any kind of weather – cool, windy, rainy or unseasonably warm with lots of bees! We also recommend wearing closed-toe shoes or sneakers as this is a farm and the ground you will be walking on is most likely grass, gravel, dirt or a field. We want you and your family to have a great experience.


  • The Jerry Smith Country Store is OPEN!

    Stop out to the farm for some produce and see what's new in the store.
    Green Acres is also Open! There is still time to get your flowers, veggies, pots and soil.

  • Jerry Smith Crop Boxes!

    Reserve yours every Thursday starting at 9 a.m. Pick up the following Tuesday. Watch for more information here or on our Facebook Page!

  • The Pumpkin Farm Is Open Daily Noon - 8pm!

    Check out all the and plan your visit now!

  • Jerry Smith's Annual Sweet Corn Festival

    NOW A 2 DAY EVENT!   AUGUST 13 & 14, 2016 (rain or shine)

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