About Jerry Smith Produce & Pumpkin Farm

Sprouting Generations Of Family Fun

Founded in 1971, the Smith Pumpkin Farm is truly a “homegrown family operation!” Still owned and operated by the Smith Family. Open mid June through October with homegrown and pick-your-own produce. Fall season runs mid September through October 30 with pumpkins galore. Visit us for our annual Sweet Corn Festival in August and our painted pumpkin display in the fall. Watch for our Crop Boxes during the summer months for fresh produce, too!
Smith Pumpkin Farm is a farm with strong family values that delights in bringing joy to the many generations of families and school groups that have been visiting throughout the years.

Our History – Rosemary & Jerry Smith

jerry smith with a truck sweet cornJerry Smith Produce & Country Store – Home of The Pumpkin Farm began it’s start with a table on the corner of HWY EA & L in 1971. Owners Rosemary and Jerry Smith showcased their homegrown vegetables they sold at wholesale – cabbage, potatoes and sweet corn. The table soon became the garage and from there the garage was renovated in 1978 with the addition of the Country Store complete with a hearthstone fireplace that remains today.
The Pumpkin Farm made it’s debut in 1973 and began with less than 10 displays, many featuring the clothing of the Smith family along with Jerry’s boots on the Three Stooges. Rosemary Smith showcased 25 displays each year with over 80 hand-painted characters such as Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Flintstones, Lion King and many more. In 2012, the next generation of the Smith Family began running operations at the family farm. Joe and Amy Smith and their children are continuing the longstanding tradition of family fun and excellence in homegrown produce at their country store.


Many people want to know about our farming methods. Our farm practices many techniques to produce and grow the best produce for our customers. We offer many options to bring fresh produce to your table including: Our Country Store, Farmers Markets, Crop Boxes and Pick Your Own.

I believe most people choose "organic" because of their concern about pesticides. Pesticides are not bad when used properly. Pesticides are used judicially to keep plants healthy by organic farmers as well as non-organic farmers. The difference is that organic farms can only use natural pesticides and fertilizers, not synthetic. Non-organic growers can and do use both.

Jerry Smith Produce and Pumpkin Farm is a local producer of sustainably grown produce using modern methods. We make that judgement based on the following criteria:

  • Healthy soil.
    • Compost and green waste to build organic matter
    • Crop rotation buffers the build-up of soil diseases that affect each crop family.
  • Water efficiency
    • Irrigate with trickle tape to conserve water.
    • Frequent short watering uses only the moisture the crop requires.
    • Plastic mulch conserves water.
  • Fertilizer use
    • Soil sample determine plant nutrition needs.
  • Pollination Assistance
    • Bees are important to aid pollination, we plant our crops accordingly.
  • Food Safety
    • We plant only non-GMO vegetable seeds.


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